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By Shawn Parks

So, you might be wondering, "who is this guy, and what qualifications does he have to be writing about self-help issues?" I was wondering the same thing, myself. I think of myself as an immature therapist. Oops, I mean an AMATEAUR therapist. I have never attended any kind of psychology classes. I have 0 degrees, much like an ice cube. My only training consists of talking to my friends. However, real counselors have told me I am a natural.

I believe that I have discovered the secret of working through all the problems in life:

No matter what happens, "ya gotta laugh."

On this web site, I will help you learn ways of finding humor all around you, no matter how bad life may seem. Because I believe humor is the best thing you can find to improve your mental health. (Chocolate also helps) So, happy reading.

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